Example Applications

From innovative startups to global enterprises, see how businesses are turning big ideas into commercial reality.

Securely transporting edge data storage from location to location.

Solving the logistical, economic and customer experience challenges of shipping edge storage devices from location to location.

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Delivering a seamless product rental experience with Epson.

Removing the need for printed shipping labels whilst monitoring shipment, delivery and return of rental items.

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Providing sales leads with a seamless product demo experience.

Enabling a seamless try-before-you-buy experience with complete tracking and no shipping label printing.

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Shipping equipment between remote sites with a multinational energy company.

Monitoring the location and condition of critical equipment enabling more predictable field operations.

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Monitoring and tracking global vaccine shipments through complex supply chains.

Monitoring the movement, internal temperature and handling of vaccine shipments as they move through complex supply chains.

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Remotely tracking and labeling B2B equipment with a European rental provider.

Helping a B2B equipment rental provider track their fleet and dynamically update shipping labels whilst increasing utilisation.

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Developed to exceed quality and safety standards.

Designed, manufactured and tested in the United Kingdom within a ISO9001 facility.