Securely setup, monitor and control your artac devices remotely.

Envio Dashboard

Our intuitive browser based dashboard allows devices to be monitored and controlled on mobile, tablet and desktop. With frequent feature releases our digital platform is constantly evolving to better meet the needs of our global customers. Key features include:

View live and historic location and sensor data from devices.
Remotely update a device’s shipping label or screen graphic in a range of formats (jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, pdf) uploaded images are automatically formatted, resized and rotated for optimal display on device displays.
Remotely adjust device settings including update frequency, accelerometer sensitivity and more.
Draw Geozones on the map and configure email alerts for when devices enter or leave these areas.
Create and edit email notifications based upon sensor data thresholds being broken (G-force, Temp & location).
Multiple user accounts support with email invitation for extra users.
Secure by design and ready for scale, hosted on AWS.
Make it your own with options to brand the dashboard with your own colour scheme and logo.

Envio API

The Envio API is organised around REST.

All data and device control functionality can be accessed over the Envio rest-API.
Image processing service allows you to send a range of image formats and sizes and have them automatically formatted for use on devices.
Please contact your account manager for API credentials.
API docs are available within the envio dashboard under the settings menu.

Secure, reliable & scalable.

Our digital platform has been developed using the latest security practices and runs on modern cloud infrastructure.

  • Secure by design and ready for scale, hosted on AWS.

  • Device plans include unlimited cellular data that functions in over 200 countries.